MudRunner 2: A really useful sequel?

MudRunner 2: A really useful sequel?

A presentation of 30 minutes was made by Saber Interactive, with a developer who played MudRunner 2 before our eyes. First observation, MudRunner 2 made a big effort on the graphical level. The game is more beautiful and colorful than the first one, but also more refined on the textures. The title runed on a Geforce RTX, which allowed us to see some light effects frankly nice. In addition, most of the textures appeared to be more than correct, which makes Saber Interactive feel that it wanted to provide much more detail for a more immersive simulation experience. Incidentally, we could see cockpits views that were finally more detailed for our enjoyment. Clearly, developers should undoubtedly bring more immersion in this MudRunner 2, except the physics of vehicles that needs improvement.

Also, during this presentation, we could see the customization aspect via the garage. Once again, there are various well-known brands that are well represented between Ford, Chevrolet and Caterpillar. In addition, it will also be possible to upgrade for money the suspensions, paint, and wheels of our cars. It’s nice of course, but we found that it lacked even more depth, a feast for a title that is still simulation at the base. Overall, this presentation of the garage was very short, and allowed us to have a vague overview of the customizations that will be offered to us. Nevertheless, we have at least appreciated the interface, clearly less messy than the first game, it is a certainty.

Regarding the gameplay itself, MudRunner 2 is clearly intended to significantly improve all the basics of the first game. In addition to evolving in a completely open environment now, the objectives now seem more varied. In the presentation in question, we were able to see the contract system, which gives us objectives to be achieved for money. For example, the developers, in the demo, had to load bricks and barrels on a farm, and obviously had to make their way to the farm by fighting the natural environment with the end slowing you down, the water , and many more. Fortunately, we could always use everything that is differential lock, winch and so on to progress without much trouble. On the cargo side, by the way, you’ll know it will be much easier now than with its predecessor, which was calamitous and far too complicated. This is a feature that will definitely be appreciated by fans.

Also, the general interface of MudRunner 2 has changed, and is now clearer and more modern. We can also have a glimpse of the damage that can be done on our vehicle, but also the fuel gauge, which will be crucial in this simulation. The change from one vehicle to another could also be done much more easily this time but it will have the confirmation of the controller in hand, to see if the ergonomics are so obvious that it. It also specifies that the map was not as completely revealed in game as in the first part. It will therefore go to points of view to unlock plots of the map, to see more clearly, as in the first game. It should be noted that most of the objectives to be achieved, if one does well, can last between 30 and 40 minutes.

In the last part of the presentation, we could see that the game will have new snowy places on the map. Because yes, your new natural enemies in addition to rivers and mud, it will be snow and ice. Overall, if we could remain skeptical about the physics of vehicles that we did not really packed during the presentation, it is clear that the physics of snow seemed overall well done. It remains to be seen if this will be well optimized, and if bugs of collisions will not come to encroach on this simulation, as it was the case on the first game. It does not matter, however, this new obstacle with the snow seems attractive, and we are curious to test this environment, which is still developing from what we understand from the developers.

In addition to the presentation, we were able to get some relatively useful information about MudRunner 2. First, it is good to know that the progression will not be the same as the first MudRunner. It will no longer be a title divided into challenges, but rather an open map in its own right. So, we will accomplish all kinds of contracts on this same map, without any cut. Moreover, the map will be 4 times bigger compared to its predecessor. This is already a good thing for roadside simulation enthusiasts.

For now, developers do not seem to know when the title will be released. For the moment, Saber Interactive is feeling between the release at the end of the year, or rather in 2020 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Regarding a Switch version, it would be a possibility according to one of the developers present on site, but we do not know if they really intend to do it or not. Knowing that the switch version of Spintires: Mudrunner was playable on Switch during the event, it is certainly likely that this possibility to see this game on the Nintendo hybrid console in the end. That said, we will see what it will return in the near future. In any case, we are anxious to put our hands on the title later in the year, because the promises and what we saw above could raise the level of a first part that was not so convincing.

So bigger maps ,open world, better cockpits , contract system , money and Caterpillar . Sounds good so far .

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